Students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education

Students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education

“At its roots partnership is about investing students with the power to co-create, not just knowledge or learning, but the higher education institution itself” (NUS nd)

“the future of student engagement lies in partnership” (Bryson, 2014).

Ways of engaging students in higher education as partners in learning and teaching is arguably one of the most important issues facing higher education in the 21st Century. Partnership is essentially a process for engaging students. It is a way of doing things, rather than an outcome in itself. This workshop will explore four ways in which students may be engaged as partners through: a) Learning, teaching and assessment; b) Subject-based research and inquiry; c) Scholarship of teaching and learning; and d) Curriculum design and pedagogic advice and consultancy.

The themes will be illustrated with many mini case studies from different parts of the world. We will also discuss the values which should underpin student-staff partnerships and explore how the ideas discussed may be applied. The workshop will be useful to academic staff, learning support staff and students.

For an introduction to the model of students as partners see this video. For a presentation on ‘The importance of context in student-staff partnerships’ by Ruth and Mick to RAISE SIC on 20 November 2019 see; and for a presentation on ‘Promoting Pandemic Partnerships’ on 2 October 2020 to RAISE SIG see (from 8.31-54.52).



The best things about this workshop were:
“Unpacking and questioning exactly what is meant by partnership”
“The challenge to think about students as partners”
“Good balance of listening and activity”
“Discussion with colleagues; case studies; Mick!”
“Having a chance to think and ask the scary questions”

“Love what you are doing promoting audience ‘active’ and ‘interactive engagement’ with the material, including giving us time to read and reflect on case studies that might interest us” Participant during a keynote on ‘Students as partners and change agents’ at NUS Teaching and Learning HE international conference, Singapore December 2014

Online keynote to Griffith University on Students as Partners by Mick and Ruth

“Your presentation was excellent. Thank you. The handout worked well, people talked a lot in the room, and the technology was seamless. Once again I enjoyed the Healey approach which is interactive and related to my own context, yet providing opportunities for me to learn about the activities of others. Best keynote I have been to for ages.” Participant October 2017

Delft/Leiden/Rotterdam keynote, November 2017