Developing research-based curricula in college-based HE

Developing researched-based curricula in college-based HE

All undergraduate students in all higher education institutions should experience learning through, and about, research and inquiry” (Healey and Jenkins 2009, 3)

Much current debate concerns the form that research and scholarship should take in the HE in FE / College-Based HE (CBHE) sector. Most of these discussions have concentrated on the implications for staff/faculty; in this workshop we extend this discussion to how students in CBHE may be engaged in research and inquiry, how curricula may be designed to achieve this and what departmental, institutional and national strategies are needed to foster these developments.

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“The workshop received very good feedback and we all really enjoyed the day”

“The feedback from staff has been extremely positive. It was both inspiring and practical, they all got ideas to put into practice.”

The best things about this workshop were:

“Ideas from case studies”
“Variety of activities”
“Knowledgeable presenter”
“Time for reflection and discussion”