Bringing about change in teaching and learning

Bringing about change in teaching and learning

This highly interactive workshop is ideal for helping small teams of staff (4-6 members including academic staff with different levels of seniority, and where appropriate a representative from support staff and ideally one or two students as well) work through ideas for bringing about a strategic change related to teaching and learning. A variety of divergent and convergent thinking exercises are used to support the teams develop and prioritise their ideas in a democratic way which ensures all team members views are taken into account. The workshop is particularly appropriate at the early stages of planning a teaching and learning change. Where several teams are present or there are sufficient people in a workshop the expertise in the room can be used to discuss questions generated by the participants. Some of the techniques used may usefully be added as action planning exercise to the other workshops offered.


“Inspirational” –Tilburg University, April 2012

“Really fired people up and generated a lot of enthusiasm” – University College Dublin (Dec 2010)

“Excellent facilitation from Mick. His session was clearly well thought through and structured, but gave space for free-thinking and ideas generation. He struck the impressive balance between leading the session and discussion, whilst giving appropriate space for internal consideration and reflection. His knowledge and thorough understanding of higher education helped ensure he had an impressive insight to offer too.” – Aaron Porter, HE Consultant (ex NUS President), April 2012

“An excellent event, with an excellent structure which allowed a great deal of positive and constructive development. We left with an action plan that is achievable and innovative and will hopefully follow up a number of collaborative actions as well.” Transforming Departmental Fieldwork Practice residential workshop, 10–11 July 2012

“Change is frightening, even when you’re the one instigating it. Mick (and his truly inspirational feedback) has been the constant that has made the variables bearable!” Helen Vosper, Chair of Discipline Change Academy Team Robert Gordon University 17 September 12