Tess, Sam, Megan and Mollie

Tess, Sam, Megan and Mollie

Tess, our Golden Retriever, often features in my presentations.  As many colleagues ask after her I thought she ought to have her own page. At the end of February 2015 Sam, her great niece, joined the Healey family. Then Megan joined us in August 2017. She is a cousin of Sam and a great niece of Tess. Mollie, another relative, joined us in December 2020.

If you would like to see a 1.5min movie of Tess (director Ruth Healey) go to this link and don’t forget to turn up the volume (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mmi9lk50fg605ka/0KARFbxd4t/Tess%20the%20movie.MOV). The file is over 200mb so you are advised to play it from the site and not download it!

NEWS: Tess (2006-20). We are celebrating her life and all the pleasure she has given us, and those she met. She is internationally known, as she has appeared in all Mick’s presentations for the last 14 years. The two pictures below were taken in the last few weeks, waiting for her toy to be thrown, and sitting in her favourite place in the garden (now forever known as Tess’ corner). We have many happy memories. She will be sorely missed by us and her great nieces, Sam and Meg. (5 Sept 20)

We had not quite realised what an international celebrity she had become over the last 14 years. Among the comments we’ve received on Twitter are: ‘Tess was a star in the SoTL world’; ‘Tess was a fine companion and a SoLT legend’; and ‘She brightened many a presentation’.

Thoughts of Tess

When I was young

A great toy was a blue plant pot.

I really liked it quite a lot.

It creaked and scraped and made a noise

It really was the best of toys.

Where I once lived there was a gate

With bars to rest my chin and wait.

Continued at: https://mickhealey.co.uk/devtest/download/thoughts-of-tess#

NEWS: Welcome to Mollie, who arrived on 17 December 2020:


Tess and Sam IMG_5708 resized


IMG_5185 resized Tess and Sam Christmas 2015

IMG_4592 Tess and Sam by gate resized

IMG_5051 Sam training resized

Tess and Sam May June 15 012 website

Tess and Sam 034 cropped and resized

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September 15 001

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Tess at home 004