Comments on Visits

Comments on Visits

Click here for an amusing video clip taken by Kelly Matthews at a workshop I ran at University of Queensland.

Small discipline-based group discussions while a Visiting Fellow at Edith Cowan University, Australia, 2005

“From my perspective as Assoc. Dean, the success of having you come and present at our Teaching and Learning Forum where we could introduce you to staff, and following this by a series of group and one-on-one discussions with you across the schools was so considerable that we wish to use that model for future Teaching and Learning Forums.  It had the effect of centring discussion around key topics for us and staff having met you, were then encouraged to take advantage of you while you were here.  The general feeling from all was – best value for a Visiting Fellow! Here are some verbatim comments:”

“We had him with about ten people at round table for about an hour and half and was very interesting actually, I think people had a greater appreciation for the sorts of problems other people were experiencing, I thought he was really good.  Good value.”

“He was with … (us) for 3 hours and we talked very much about trying to use your teaching in a research context for ongoing research papers.  He gave us strategies on how to do that.  I thought it was useful, very useful”.

“We had him for lunch (sic!) and I thought he was very very inspirational, really wonderful.  And he was so inspiring and we made all these plans for great collaborative grants”.

“We had him for a 2 hours workshop, probably about 10 people attended.  And the focus was on application for grants and it was very good”.

“I found him very useful.  I got a lot out of his visit and he was inspirational, very positive and affirming kind of person, so it was excellent.”

HERDSA (NZ) Visiting Scholar 2006

His programme of workshops, seminars and consultancies included 22 events. … The feedback that I received as Mick travelled through the country was consistently very positive.  There was appreciation expressed for his knowledge, his practical insights and his ability to communicate clearly to colleagues who were quite diverse in their roles and experience.  All recognized the close alignment between what he espoused and the everyday realities of his own practice.  This assured his credibility.“

Visit to McGill University, Canada, 2009

“Mick Healey has long been recognized for his innovative work conceptualizing the linkages between research and teaching.  Over the last year, his framework and body of scholarship have been critical in igniting interest in an area that has long been languishing at … .  During his visit here in March 2009, Mick facilitated three sessions, all of which included a mix of university administrators, unit directors, faculty members and students.  The comments about his sessions have been overwhelming positive.  For example, the Provost, the Director of Libraries, and the Chief Information Officer have each publicly expounded on how stimulating his sessions were – saying these were the most exciting events of this academic year!  These responses show Mick’s ability to connect with and influence a wide range of members of the academic community.  He provided leadership, credibility and a theoretical foundation for this important initiative.  Further the bank of resources and examples of good practice he has developed has been critical in assisting professors to think more clearly about and take concrete steps towards promoting the nexus to benefit student learning at our institution. …”  Professor Cynthia Weston, Director Teaching and Learning Services

Visit to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2011

“A very successful one day symposium on undergraduate research and inquiry was run in the middle of May 2011 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, involving all of Hong Kong’s higher education institutions. Mick Healey’s planning input to the structuring of the day was invaluable and his excellent interactive opening keynote and call-for-action summary, top and tailed the event superbly!”  Nick Noakes, Director Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching

A day’s workshop for the Swiss Faculty Development Network, 2011

“It is always a pleasure to experience a workshop that truly lives up to its name.  I appreciated the time you gave us to get into the material, to talk about it, to discuss it and to share it.  I enjoyed your inputs very much, found myself looking forward to the next dog or cat cartoon, and was very impressed by the plethora of examples you have managed to gather on our topic.  I found you completely authentic, and expert, in the question of “helping faculty to engage undergraduate students in research”.  The workshop was USEFUL, which I think is the highest compliment!  Many thanks once again, Mick, for an inspiring day!”  Dr Sarah Shephard

Visit to Curtin University, Australia, 2011 

“Thank you so much for your input into Curtin Research in Higher Education as a result of the workshop presentations at Curtin University 11-12 July 2011.  I am personally grateful for the commitment, courage and enthusiasm which you displayed in response to the gruelling two day schedule I asked you to do for us. … Your input was appreciated and highly valued.  You certainly lived up to the promise to provide interactive targeted sessions.  This not only made for enjoyable workshops but also provided a model for others to adopt.”  Dr Susan Bolt, Chair Curtin Research in Higher Education Committee

Visiting Professorship Edinburgh Napier University, 2009-12

“As Visiting Professor you have worked with us through the recent enhancement themes, Research Teaching Linkages, Graduates for the 21st Century and the start of the most recent Developing and Supporting the Curriculum theme. We have valued your wisdom, practicality and enviable network of contacts and experts.” Dr Karen Aitchison

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Visit to Dublin Institute of Technology and Keynote to Learning Innovation Network Conference, 2013

“Many thanks for your workshop facilitation and excellent keynote and for being so accommodating over the last few days! We have already have had great feedback from staff about your workshops, so if you are every planning to come over to Ireland again, let us know!”  Dr Jen Harvey, Head of Learning, Teaching & Technology Centre

Visit to George Mason University, Washington DC, 2013

“George Mason University was thrilled to have Mick Healey present his workshops engaging over 85 faculty in a discussion around inquiry-based learning.  Our faculty appreciated the inclusive and broad view and the diversity of his examples, across disciplines and using different teaching models.” Dr Bethany Usher, Director of the Students as Scholars initiative

 Visit to University of Limerick, 2013

“Mick’s workshop brought a multi-disciplinary group together and, in all sorts of creative ways, helped us to think innovatively about how teaching and research can support and inform one another. In a world where teaching and research often feel dislocated from one another, Mick’s ideas, and his enormously effective style of facilitation have been invaluable to us.” Professor Sarah Moore, Associate VP Academic

Visit to University of Leicester, 2014

“I’d very much like to reciprocate on behalf of everyone involved in the conference and thank you for contributing so brilliantly! And not just in relation to your keynote but your workshop and your excellent chairing of the final panel as well. A number of participants commented to me on how stimulating your sessions were so your involvement was very much appreciated.” Professor Sue Law, Director of Academic Practice

Visit to Södertörn University, Sweden 2014

“Just a short note to tell you how much you inspired us when you visited us in June. Since then as a result of your visit we have run several workshops in different disciplines and have started a few projects on research integrated teaching and learning.” Maria Wolrath-Söderberg, Senior Lecturer

Visit to National University of Ireland, Galway 2014

“Just wanted to let you know that there is still a bit of a buzz around the place following your session.  It looks like various colleagues are going to investigate how they might incorporate aspects of student-as-inquirer into their programmes.  Indeed one, in Zoology, is thinking of redesigning a module so that it is completely based on inquiry.” Simon Warren, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Visit to Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 2014

“Thank you once again for the series of wonderful sessions on enhancing teaching in the university education sector which resonate with my identity of being a holistic academic.” Paul Chua, workshop participant

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Keynote on ‘Students as partners and change agents’ at London Metropolitan University, July 2015 

“Thank you so much for enriching our University Learning and Teaching Conference with your engaging and inspiring interactive Keynote session, which was enthusiastically received by colleagues. It had a tangible impact through being illuminated by vivid case studies to provide concrete and implementable ideas, with opportunities for delegates to discuss how they could apply these to their educational practice. And it has encouraged us to actively explore further ways to develop our approaches around student partnership!” Digby Warren Head, Centre for the Enhancement of Learning & Teaching

Keynote and workshop at Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Undergraduate Research Conference, September 2015

“Professor Healey was the perfect keynote and workshop presenter for our statewide undergraduate research conference. All participants remarked about how well his examples helped provide direction to their programs, even with such a wide span from comprehensive research university to small rural community college, and all the sizes and complexities in between. We were very pleased with his professional expertise and delivery. I, myself, am going to implement several of the innovative ways of integrating research and inquiry that he discussed into my course.” Dr. Linda Mason, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Visit to Copenhagen Metropolitan University College, November 2015

“Mick’s ability to effortlessly combine complex theoretical perspectives with abundant concrete and practical examples of application on the integration of research and teaching is quite unique. Among the participants at the workshops were both junior lecturers, experienced practitioners and educational managers and executives, and Mick was able to facilitate a meaningful and inspiring experience for everyone.” Sune Sune Sparre, HR Consultant

Visit to University of Luxembourg, January 2016

“Over two days, Mick challenged and inspired our instructors and course leaders to really think about how they could better introduce students – early and often – to all aspects of research and inquiry during their studies.  Colleagues walked away with renewed interest and appreciation … Mick took to familiarise himself with the very specific learning environment and cultural context we have at the University of Luxembourg. He brought nuance to the reflection on how the proposed techniques could be implemented.” Cassandra Mikicic

Visit to University of Amsterdam, April 2016

“We were extremely happy to receive Professor Healey again in Amsterdam, a few years after he led a workshop on research-intensive teaching which acquired a near-mythical status among the school directors of the University. Mick, thank you once again for your hands-on lessons, and for helping us kick off the Bachelor Innovation Programme of our College of Humanities in such an inspiring and captivating way!” Professor Caroline Kroon, Director College of Humanities

Visit to GSM London, May 2016

“The staff really enjoyed the workshops and are inspired to go and try some of the ideas discussed – thank you for winning hearts and minds.” Debi Hayes, Provost

“I’ve read his work previously, and it really influenced my thinking, so it felt a little like an academic X-Factor to be taught by him!” Tara McBride, Head of Department of Digital Innovation and Creative Enterprise

Visit to University of Utrecht, April 2017

“Mick ran a very useful and inspiring workshop, in which he set out multiple tools and best-practices to incorporate research-based learning and inquiry in all phases of undergraduate programs. Colleagues were highly enthusiastic!” Neils Bovenschen, Teaching Fellow

Keynote and workshop on active and inquiry based learning and students as partners at Writtle University College, July 2017

“All the feedback I have had from the session has been excellent. All levels of staff from lecturers to senior managers have been referring to it in meetings and their plans for next year. It has led to a number of changes in delivery and process and it will be interesting to see how some of these work out. It was invaluable for us how Mick and Ruth had tailored the session both to our requests and applied it to the size and specialities of the institution. The interaction and different experiences of Mick and Ruth added an extra dimension to the sessions and it was great to hear Ruth’s own experiences of putting some of the ideas presented into practice.” Isobel Gowers, Head of Learning and Teaching

Keynote on ‘Students as partners’ at University of Brighton, July 2017

“Mick gave us a splendid, well informed, lively, provocative and interactive keynote for the annual learning and teaching conference, which had our 300 participants busy thinking about working in partnership with our students as co-constructors of knowledge. He followed this up with a workshop to help them take the inspiration forward into developing their own practice and courses. We know how well this works – and not just on the day but beyond – because last time Mick came colleagues started transforming courses which now have massively increased their NSS scores showing how the students, our partners, really appreciate their active, engaged learning.” Gina Wisker, Head of the Centre for Learning and Teaching

Keynote and workshop at Myerscough College, July 2017

“On behalf of the whole HE teaching team at Myerscough College, we would like to thank you for such an inspirational, insightful and engaging workshop on ‘Designing and Embedding Active, Research and Inquiry Based Learning in the Curriculum’. As the HE provision is currently  under-going periodical course review, your session couldn’t have been better timed. The day afforded a much needed reflection and discussion on active learning and engaging students, so thank you again for not only sharing all your wonderful case studies and examples but also listening to our own ideas and challenges.” Rhonda Lobb, Scholarship Development Manager

Keynotes and workshops, University of Adelaide, August 2016 and December 2017

“Your Workshops have now gone down as legendary at Adelaide – folks still saying to me that this was the best professional development activity they have ever experienced!” Philippa Levy, Pro-VC Student Learning

 Keynote and workshop, Bath Spa University, July 2018

“The real test of a keynote speaker at a Learning and Teaching event like ours is will they cut it with staff dealing directly with students.  Mick and Ruth impressed on the day with their depth of knowledge and their ability to communicate with a sophisticated audience from a wide range of disciplines.” Kieran Kelly, Curriculum Development Fellow

Keynote and workshop, University of Hong Kong, December 2018

“Mick Healey’s keynote was a high point of our recent Teaching and Learning Conference on Co-Constructing Teaching Excellence.  Mick shared his impressive bank of case studies from around the world showing how teachers and students can work together to co-construct excellence in curriculum design and teaching.  He revealed a genuine sensitivity to institutional and cultural context as he presented a compelling vision of treating students as partners in the pursuit of enhanced teaching and learning.”  Prof. Grahame T Bilbow, Director of the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, The University of Hong Kong

Keynote workshop, Sheffield Hallam University, Business School, January 2019

“Mick’s illustrations of research-informed teaching and inquiry-based learning in practice really captured the imagination of workshop participants and provided them with lots of ideas to explore in the context of their own subject communities. His ability to ‘hold’ the room for a 3 hour workshop using an interactive approach was exemplary”. Dave Laughton, Assistant Dean: Academic Development, Sheffield Business School

Visit to TU Dublin, February 2019

“Our new university – Technological University Dublin provided a wonderful opportunity to catch up with Mick Healey! We first met in 2015 at the early planning stages for TU Dublin – availing of Mick’s wealth of experience and insight into the complexities of Higher Education Institutions proved timely and impactful. Needless to say, he brought the same energy and enthusiasm to his work on this occasion – an important workshop theme of engaging students as partners is at the heart of the Technological University. Mick has the ability to draw on a variety of sources and present key findings in an engaging and collaborative style. I look forward to continuing to build on our partnership with Mick – as the Ireland’s newest University evolves.” Larry McNutt, Registrar TU Dublin – Blanchardstown Campus

Keynote at University of York, June 2019

“Ruth delivered a fantastic session at our institutional learning and teaching conference. It was a stimulating and interactive contribution that was perfectly pitched to share best practice on developing learning communities with a broad audience. Thank you.” Dr Glenn Hurst, Chair of the University of York Learning and Teaching Forum

Keynote at University of Surrey, September 2019

“Mick and Ruth facilitated an exceptional opening session and a liquid cafe at our event. The opening session was so much more than a keynote. Delegates were actively involved in exploring and discussing ideas and there was a brilliant energy in the room. Mick and Ruth are a phenomenal double act. The level of expertise that they bring, alongside their extensive experience in facilitating events, creates something quite special. Their facilitation left both staff and students buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm. I think the impact of their visit will be felt here for a long time to come!” Dr Naomi Winstone, Head of Department of Higher Education

Keynote at Gloucestershire, June 2020

“I want to thank Ruth and you once again for the highly stimulating, online interactive keynote on student-staff partnerships that you gave to our Festival of Learning. There was a real buzz during the session with many of the 80+ participants contributing to the discussions. We must now ensure that we capitalise on the enthusiasm you have generated amongst our staff. The session was very well received and, as ever, your vast experience, directing staff to key principles and pertinent case studies, will hopefully have encouraged staff to develop their understanding and to feel confident enough to try out interventions in their virtual and physical classrooms.” Professor Jennifer Hill, Head of Learning & Teaching Innovation, University of Gloucestershire

Keynote at Heriot Watt, June 2020

“Many thanks Ruth and Mick for a superb online, interactive keynote today with over 150 participants. You stimulated a rich conversation, full of practical hints and tips on how to bring active learning to life – online or on campus.  It was terrific.” Professor Martha Caddell, Director, Learning and Teaching Academy, Heriot-Watt University (at Edinburgh, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur).

Masterclass for senior management at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), January 2021

“At AUAS “Students as Partners” will be one of the central concepts we will be working on for the coming five years. Mick and Ruth’s Masterclass for the University Board was in this respect really educational and inspiring.” Professor. dr. Jean Tillie, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law, AUAS

Workshop for Department of Health and Sport Sciences, Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland, February 2021

“Our Department is really working to rethink how we do things and, in our workshop with Mick, we had access to someone who challenged and energised that approach to teaching and learning at third level.  We are left with a prompt for action, full of ideas and a real sense of an opportunity to do things differently.” Dr Aoife Lane, Head of Department