Welcome to our website. Here you will find details of the HE workshops and consultancies that Mick and Ruth offer, along with comments from delegates who have participated in previous workshops. There is also a biography, a list of recent publications and some useful resources. The latter have been downloaded over 77,000 times. Tess (2006-20), Sam, Megan, and Mollie, our Golden Retrievers, also have their own web page!






Clearly with the current pandemic we cannot travel.  However, we have arranged to give several interactive keynotes and workshops online, including:

  • Festival of Learning, University of Gloucestershire, Keynote June 2020: “Engaging Students in Partnership with Staff in Learning and Teaching”
  • Heriot-Watt’s Learning and Teaching Week in Edinburgh, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, Keynote and Workshop June 2020: “Engaging students in learning: Making my teaching sessions more active”
  • King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia, Workshop July2020: “Engaging students in research and inquiry: Promoting the research teaching nexus”
  • RAISE Partnership Special Interest Group, Keynote September 2020: “Promoting pandemic partnerships”
  • Erasmus University at Rotterdam, Netherlands, Workshop October 2020: “Engaging students through student-staff partnerships with particular reference to research-based learning”
  • Charles Sturt University, Australia, Keynote November 2020: “Enhancing student success through student-staff partnership”
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, Masterclass to University Board January 2021: “Students as partners in the rich learning environment”
  •  Indiana University, Indiana, USA, Workshop January 2021, “Students as partners in pedagogy: principles, practice and research”
  • Athlone Insitute of Technology, Ireland, Workshop February 2021, “Rethinking capstone and final year projects”
  • University of Göttingen, Germany, Workshop February 2021 “Students as partners”

We have also run online sessions in Canada and New Zealand.

If you would like to discuss an online keynote or workshop please contact Mick Healey (mhealey@glos.ac.uk).


Welcome to Mollie, who joined Meg and Sam, our golden retrievers in December 2020. See the page dedicated to our dogs.

Ruth Healey joined the ‘family firm’ in 2017.  She is an experienced higher educaton researcher and workshop presenter.  Initially she will focus particularly on workshops on ‘ethical thinking’, ‘students as partners and change agents’ and active learning. See her own page for further details.

We are both excited to be part of the inaugural editorial team of the International Journal for Students as Partners. The first issue was published in May 2017.

In July 2017 Ruth and I were delighted to give a joint keynote and workshop at Writtle University College. This was a ‘coming home’ for me as I was bought up on the College Estate where my father was Vice Principal.  He would be very proud of three generations of Healey’s presenting professionally at the College!

A special welcome to Megan, who joined us in August 17. See latest photos on the page she shares with Tess and Sam.

Ruth was awarded a 2017 National Teaching Fellowship.

According to the HE Academy we made ‘a little bit of academic history’ as the first parent and child to both be NTF recipients. In 2000, 17 years ago, Ruth, then aged 17, was at Mick’s award ceremony. Mick was at Ruth’s ceremony on 1 November, 2017.

In August 2018 Ruth was promoted to Associate Professor in Pedagogy in Higher Education at the University of Chester and in May 2019 she was made one of nine inaugural Fellows of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

We have co-presented at several conferences and workshops in the UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and the States, including giving the keynote at the conference on Towards Meaningful Partnerships: Student-Staff Collaborations to Enhance Learning and Teaching across the Disciplines at the University of Surrey in September 2019 when Naomi Winstone, Head of Department of Higher Education said:

“Mick and Ruth are a phenomenal double act. The level of expertise that they bring, alongside their extensive experience in facilitating events, creates something quite special. Their facilitation left both staff and students buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm.”

For examples of us co-presenting at RAISE SIGs please see: https://vimeo.com/383030016 and https://vimeo.com/467401583 (from 8.31-54.52)

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the National Teaching Fellowship awards Mick wrote a blog entitled ’20 years an NTF’: Some reflections in which he stated “With the benefit of hindsight, I think becoming a National Teaching Fellow was one of the most significant events in my professional career.” Two kind colleagues tweeted:

“A truly inspirational blog. An amazing career trajectory” Prof David Owens OBE (Greenwich)

“Great reflection from a true scholar and someone whose advice and insight I learnt hugely from back in the days of FDTL and GEES” Dr Sarah Floyd (Ulster)

We are delighted that our Student engagement through partnership: a guide to the Advance HE framework has been published. It focuses on developments and resources which have become available since the framework was published five years ago.

“I think you’ve performed a minor miracle in condensing so much excellent material into such a clear and accessible guide.,,, It will be read for years to come.” Dr Wendy Green (Tasmania) 

We were privileged to be interviewed by Peter Gossman for SEDA’s Educational Developments magazine in July 2020. A transcript of the interview is available in Issue 21.3.

Some recent publications

Here it is! The book is published. It is open-access (free). Pat Hutchings highlights the value of Writing About Learning and Teaching in Higher Education:

“Your book is a real gift. … it’s beautifully written—with a great voice—scholarly but personal. That sense of a human presence, an engaging voice, is the piece most often and glaringly missing from academic writing. So, in addition to giving readers lots of great guidance, you’ve given them a model of what such writing looks like at its best.” Pat Hutchings, Senior Associate, Carnegie Foundation

2021 Developing the curriculum within an institution using a Change Academy approach: A process focus. International Journal for Academic Development 26(2), 150-162. (Turner, N. K., Healey, M., & Bens, S.)

2021 A developmental framework for mentorship in SoTL illustrated by three examples of unseen opportunities for mentoring. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 9(1), 395-413. https://doi.org/10.20343/teachlearninqu.9.1.26 (Friberg, J. C., Frake-Mistak, M., Healey, R., Sipes, S., Mooney, J., Sanchez, S., & Waller, K.)

2021 Recognizing students’ expertise and insights in expanding forms of academic writing and publishing about learning and teaching. International Journal for Students as Partners, 5(1), 1-7. (Cook-Sather, A., Healey, M., & Matthews, K. E.)

2021 Re-naming and re-framing: Evolving the ‘Higher Education Research Group’ to the ‘Geography & Education Research Group’, Area. (Healey, R. L. & West, H.)

2020 The history of the Higher Education Research Group of the UK Royal Geographical Society: The changing status and focus of geography education in the academy, Area. (Healey, R. L., France, D., Hill, J. & West, H.)

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2019 Student-staff partnership comes of age. York Advance HE (Healey, M. & Healey, R. L.) Open access free to download

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2019 The benefits of hindsight: Lessons learnt from leading my first cross-departmental student-staff partnership project. York Learning and Teaching Forum 46 (Creating Learning Partnerships) 3-6 (Healey, R. L.) Open access free to download.

2019 ’20 years an NTF’: Some reflections. York: Advance HE (Healey, M.) Open access free to download.

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2019 Growing partnership communities: What experiences of an international institute suggest about developing student-staff partnership in higher education. Innovations in Education and Teaching International 56(2), 184-194. (Marquis, E., Guitman, R., Black, C., Healey, M., Matthews, K. E. & Dvorakova, L. S.)

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2018 “It depends”: Exploring the context-dependent nature of students as partners’ practices and policies. International Journal for Students as Partners, 2(1) (Healey, M., & Healey, R. L.) Open access free to download.

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For a full list see: Mick’s recent publications and Ruth’s page.

Launch of first issue of International Journal for Students as Partners 

Comment from delegate on presentation on ‘Students as partners and change agents’ to 25th International Networking for Healthcare Education Conference, Cambridge, September 2014
“An excellent presentation – not only was it engaging, it was thought provoking, but also encouraged transformative learning by making the audience think of something that they could change in their practice regarding Student Engagement in Higher Education. I love the way that he engaged my attention through the use of Story Telling, images that presented powerful metaphors and humour! I felt that I will remember his presentation for many years to come! It really made an impression on me as a delegate. When I grow up, I want to be like him.”